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Volte Face Glasses

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Volte Face, which means “about face” in French, can also stand for a change in opinion or a switch from thinking one way to another. This fits the brands, as Volte Face eyewear includes classic designs with a unique twist that turns them into what is best described as a modern classic.

Volte Face was founded by Fabienne-Coudray Meisel in a quest to design beautiful glasses frames for both men and women. She worked as an optician before moving to New York to study at the Parsons School of Design.

The end results are simple styles that can be worn for years, with unusual flourishes. For example, a pair of black acetate frames will have a small square pattern that when looked at closely, is shades of black and gray, not just one solid color, or a pair of frames that are black in the front with a wood grain pattern towards the back of the earpieces and some natural colored “buttons” on the sides. It is these small details that elevate a simple pair of eyeglasses into a colorful accessory that accentuates the shape of your face as well as your own personal style. Wearing a pair will make others around you do an “about face,” showing that the name of the brand fits perfectly.

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