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Those of us with prescription eyewear know the advantages and inconveniences of wearing glasses. Often we find it takes more than one pair of glasses to fill all of our needs. Protective eyewear is one such need and many jobs and sports that don’t allow or aren’t conducive to the use of contact lenses. Consider ordering a pair of prescription safety glasses before the next time you head to the work site or hockey rink. Read on for the Vision Gallery’s summary of the advantages of owning your very own pair of prescription safety eyewear.

Whether you’re working in the yard work to tinkering with the car, it is important not to disregard the safety of your eyes and vision. Seeing clearly is just as important to not overlook! So don’t take the shortcut of propping safety eyewear over your existing glasses or anything else that could obscure your vision. A custom pair of prescription safety glasses is the most streamlined, effective way to protect your eyes on and off the job.


We carry a wide variety of frames so you feel and look great in your pair of prescription safety glasses. With 2 easy locations, we’re conveniently here when you need us.

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Sports are a popular pastime, but it’s not always fun and games. Injuries do occur, so what is the best way to deal with them? Prevention! Balls, sticks, bats and even an errant limb or finger with enough force can cause significant damage to your eyes or eyesight. Even if you wear traditional glasses, they can easily fly off or slide down– prescription safety eyewear is customized to you and can even be outfitted with a security strap. Keep your vision clear and protected with a pair of prescription safety eyewear next time you hit the rink, court or field.

Prescription safety eyewear may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is better to see it as an investment in your ongoing eye and vision health. Visit the Vision Gallery today and we will test, measure and outfit you with a custom pair of protective eyeglasses tailored to your prescription. Our health professionals will ensure your experience is comfortable and hassle-free.

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